Microcredential for lifelong learning in engineering

The most relevant topics on which Lifelong Learning will be designed have been identified as:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (Interpret, critically evaluate and use the results of a LCA analyses);
  • Eco-sustainable Design (Defend and formulate ways to improve the circularity of a products from a systemic life cycle perspective, including materials selection in a CRM scenario);
  • Circular Economy (Understand its principle strategies and how they apply to individual products);
  • Energy and Resources (including CRM) Management;
  • Sustainable Mobility (based on lightweight design and on more circular components, easy to repair, or to be remanufactured, or to be dismantled and recycled);
  • Digital Product Passport and blockchain technology (with specific reference to sustainable components and manufacturing processes).

This is a look at the relationships between MILLE Topics and the main Engineering Areas: