Microcredential for lifelong learning in engineering

A continuously growing attention is being paid to innovative ways of Lifelong Learning based on a Human-Centric approach and facing several challenges: learning tailored on the diverse individual needs of each learner, and flexible enough to enable each learner to progress at their own pace; a system in which everyone has access in learning and is therefore inclusive and where everyone continuously improves on existing skills and acquires new ones based on their individual needs.

Lifelong Learning, based on innovative training and teaching tools, is becoming a strategic instrument for implementing innovation into SMEs. Empowering workers to up- and re-skill throughout their entire lives is the key-challenge for next years, increasing permeability between different education pathways/systems and improving flexibility, both from person and Company viewpoints, thus fostering more innovative and inclusive approaches and facilitating access to labor market and job transitions. Individuals can accumulate learning outcomes over time and across institutions and sectors, facilitated by e-learning schemes.

MILLE Project will highly contribute to this scenario, in the Area of Raw Materials, Sustainability, Design for Circularity, Traceability methodologies, by developing multi-disciplinary micro-credential programs, associated to Digital certifications